Comparison of Ultimate and Dryland Camps

Features ULTIMATE Dryland Dryland Camp
10-15 Week Dryland training at one of our two state-of-the-art training facilities
Advanced explosive training with Keiser functional trainers
Advanced explosive training with Vertimax™ technology
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Nutrition Education
Testing and end of camp reporting
Discount on ON ICE camp 25% 10%
Daily/Weekly biometric training
Enhanced daily/weekly Biometric tracking with Body Metrix™
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Skills area (Outdoor puck shooting and stick handling)
Shooting skills training coached by current Pro Hockey Players
Puck handling skills training coached by current Pro Hockey Players
VO2max testing and training
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Recovery Shakes daily
Heart rate based training and loading using Firstbeat™ heart rate analytic technology
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Heart rate based recovery monitoring and tracking using FirstBeat™
Olympic lift training with certified coaches
Reaction/Neuro training using the FITLIGHT™ training system
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Power based biofeedback training with Tendo™ power unit
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Access to Recovery Yoga sessions
Individualize periodization planning