In-Season Program

In-Season Program

Due to many requests, Athletic Mentor’s Summer training/mentoring program will continue thru the coming season. It will take on a slightly different form but the essence of the program will remain the same. That is, a holistic approach to bringing athletes closer to reaching their true potential.

The following is a brief outline of what is to be expected thru out the coming season. As with the summer program, the in-season program is designed to be flexible to meet the demanding schedules we all face.

A face to face meeting with all involved is required for participation in this program. That includes the athlete and the support team (parents).

What’s to be expected?

  • Ongoing testing and improvement evaluation
  • 5-8 Face to Face training sessions per month based on schedules at Athletic Mentors
  • Ongoing nutritional education, analysis and planning
  • Detailed weekly training plan, fully integrated with your school and sport schedule
  • Sports psychology skills development
  • Game performance analysis
  • Parent consulting
  • Motivation and exposure field trips (additional costs)
  • Possible on ice sessions (additional costs)
  • Possible study hall (including tutoring in math, science and computer subject)
  • Mentorship

This program will run September thru April.

Cost: $350 per month