Ultimate Power Skating Camp




Power Skating Camp

Ninety percent of a player’s game relies on skating skills. The way to power up your play and separate you from the rest is through hard work and being taught proper technique. Improving your skating ability can take you to a whole new level of play.

Our Power Skating Camp teaches proper body positions, all edges, hockey turns, crossovers, stopping, forward & backward stride, balance and agility for many different levels.

This program features the dynamic coaching team of Pro power skating coach, Mindi Priskey and AM Head coach Mark Olson, former D1 hockey player and National Champion; and former NHL Pro and current-NHL hockey agent, Eddie Ward.


  • Maximum 25 per group
  • Train with pro power skating coach Mindi Priskey, Mark Olson and Eddie Ward

2020 Camp Dates and Times:

Location: Wings West  (5076 Sports Drive, Kalamazoo, MI )

Start Date: Wednesday, July 8th (Should date change due to COVID regulations, rates will be pro-rated)

End Date: Wednesday, August 19th

PLEASE NOTE: Powerskate will be on MONDAY July 20th INSTEAD of WEDNESDAY July 22nd for that week ONLY!

PRO Group: 1:45 pm-2:45 pm

Age Group 14+: 2:55 pm-3:55 pm

Age Group 10-13: 4:05 pm -5:05 pm

Additional information

Age Group

(10-13), (14+), Pro