Comparison of Ultimate and Dryland Camps

Features ULTIMATE Dryland Dryland Camp
10-15 Week Dryland training at one of our two state-of-the-art training facilities
Advanced explosive training with Keiser functional trainers
Advanced explosive training with Vertimax™ technology
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Through proper programming and the use of highly effective explosive training tools, players will develop new levels of explosive, first step power. Vertimax’s ability to dynamically and simultaneously load multiple points on the human body can deliver superior strength and conditioning benefits for athletics, everyday life activities and rehabilitation purposes. Traditional exercise machines restrict movement for the body and may potentially lead to faulty movement patterns or injury.
Nutrition Education
Testing and end of camp reporting
Discount on ON ICE camp 25% 10%
Daily/Weekly biometric training
Enhanced daily/weekly Biometric tracking with Body Metrix™
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The Body Metrix™ ultrasound device measures and tracks body fat percentage and lean muscle mass, providing a full picture of the athletes total body composition with more accuracy and consistency than skinfold and most other approaches. This ensures we have the athlete at a healthy, high performing body composition upon completion of the camp.
Skills area (Outdoor puck shooting and stick handling)
Shooting skills training coached by current Pro Hockey Players
Puck handling skills training coached by current Pro Hockey Players
VO2max testing and training
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Metabolic Efficiency and VO2max analysis and training via KORR™ metabolic cart technology. Using the KORR™ system and our proprietary data analysis tools, we test and track metabolic efficiency and VO2max.This information drives the programming for each individual to ensure that weaknesses have been addressed, and strengths have been sharpened to ensure the athlete is in absolute peak condition for hockey at the end of camp.
Recovery Shakes daily
Heart rate based training and loading using Firstbeat™ heart rate analytic technology
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Biofeedback training will be utilized via Firstbeat™ monitoring system. The Firstbeat™ system allows us to track recovery thru Heart Rate Variation analysis and train with very specific training loads ensuring maximized gains throughout out programs.
Heart rate based recovery monitoring and tracking using FirstBeat™
Olympic lift training with certified coaches
Reaction/Neuro training using the FITLIGHT™ training system
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The FitLight™ training system facilitates faster reaction time, increased accuracy and enhanced sensory processing. Using Fitlight™, our athletes improve neuromuscular and cognitive efficiency, improving hand-eye coordination and quickness. This system is unmatched in developing explosive first step performance. This system and the drills we can create with it are appropriate for all ages, including our Pros.
Power based biofeedback training with Tendo™ power unit
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The Tendo™ Power Analyzer delivers measurement of speed of bar movement and power output. This data allows our coaches to optimize programming for each training session for each athlete. This ensures every minute of training is maximized producing better results throughout our programs.
Access to Recovery Yoga sessions
Individualize periodization planning