In-Season Subscription

In-Season Subscription Program

Athletic Mentors’ In-Season Subscription Hockey program is a continuation of the type of holistic training that helps rising athletes achieve their potential.

This package allows our coaches to continue developing the athlete within the areas of Physical, Mental, Nutritional and Recovery management. Our unique blend of performance-powered mental and physical conditioning coupled with precise skill development is designed for serious players who want to ratchet up their level of play. Athletes who train year round with us see exponential gains in their competition.

The following is a brief outline of what is to be expected with subscription coaching. As with the summer program, the in-season program is designed to be flexible to meet the demanding schedules we all face.

A face to face meeting with all involved is required for participation in this program. That includes the athlete and the support team (parents).

What’s to be expected?

  • Ongoing testing and improvement evaluation
  • 5-8 Face to Face training sessions per month based on schedules at Athletic Mentors
  • Ongoing nutritional education, analysis and planning
  • Detailed weekly training plan, fully integrated with your school and sport schedule
  • Sports psychology skills development
  • Game performance analysis
  • Parent consulting
  • Motivation and exposure field trips (additional costs)
  • Possible on ice sessions (additional costs)
  • Possible study hall (including tutoring in math, science and computer subject)
  • Mentorship

This program is available September thru April.

Cost: $350 per month for New Athletes, $195 per month for Returning Athletes who’ve participated in at least one of our Summer camps.