Suburban Ice East Lansing Dryland Training

This 11 week camp is designed for highly advanced, highly motivated players wanting to prepare in the best way possible for the upcoming season and their hockey careers. It will utilize the most cutting edge training methods available for developing hockey players in the off season. Advanced technology will be used for testing, tracking and analyzing each player’s progress, workloads and recovery state. Yoga sessions and nutrition education will be employed to enusure maximum recovery.

To maximize physical development of each player, a triphasic approach will be used within a block periodization model. Energy system development training will consider both residual training effects and compatible training modalities. Speed and agility will be incorporated frequently. Explosive power will be developed through olympic lifts, plyometrics and velocity based training (VBT). Core strength will addressed on a near daily basis. All the above will be executed using the latest training methods such as potentiation clusters, timed sets, neural perplexity and VBT. Technology will be leveraged to design and communicate programs as well as test and measure progress.

The off ice training program is designed specifically to maximize results when paired with the on ice training by Ron Gay.


• Testing using numerous NHL combine methods and technology

• Reporting using CM+ technology showing individual progress and ranking within peer group for baseline and final camp testing

• Biofeedback training using heart Rate variability and Elite HRV

• Body composition tracking via Body Metrix

• Power-based biofeedback training session using Gymaware power meter

• Reaction/Neuro training via FitLight training system


June 1st – August 14th


Suburban Ice East Lansing


To get registered contact Jeremy Emig or Jessica Johnton at Suburban Ice East Lansing