Meet Our Team

MarkOlsonHeadshotMark Olson,
Founder and Head Coach

Mark Olson knows what it’s like to live and breathe hockey with dreams of going pro. In his teens and early 20s, it wasn’t his natural talent and size that netted him a Division 1 spot for the Northern Michigan Wildcats. It was his commitment, his drive, his willingness to work hard to be the strongest, fittest, most tenacious player on the ice. His team went on to win a national championship in 1991. Olson knows what it takes to be your personal best. It takes heart, and it takes training. He has spent years researching and developing a hockey-specific training program that blends cutting edge science with the mental and physical conditioning elite players need. His programs are individually focused and customized to bring you to the best hockey shape of your career.

EdWard_225-300Eddie Ward,
Retired NHL Athlete and Coach

Eddie Ward began his professional hockey career after playing for the Northern Michigan University Wildcats. It was here that he met Mark Olson, and together they helped the team take home the NCAA Division I Championship in 1991. After leaving NMU, Eddie would play for teams in various leagues such as the NHL, IHL, ECHL, and in Europe. Over his 11 year long career, he totaled 680 games professionally, 278 of those games in the NHL. After retiring from professional hockey in 2002, Eddie now serves as a family advisor for Newport Sports Management, as well as collaborating with Mark to create a development camp for young hockey players to refine their skills and prepare for their future career.