Remote Hockey Coaching

Our remote coaching service allows players to start their off-season training before the summer camp starts, setting players up for even bigger gains.  This program ensures players are doing the right things at the right time. Under our guidance players can be sure they are making optimal gains and setting themselves up for their best off-season ever!

This program keeps any athlete prepared to continue their summer Athletic Mentors training.

Remote Hockey Coaching Package Includes:

  • Custom training plan developed specifically for each individual player based on their strengths, weaknesses and goals. Plan incorporates the players personal schedule and equipment available to them at home
  • Training plan delivered via CoachMePlus cell phone app. 
  • Metrics tracking to ensure the player is staying healthy including weight, daily wellness questionnaire, workload completion and heart rate variability.  Reporting of all metrics can be delivered to parents for review.   
  • Daily access to strength coaches via text, phone and email


$165.00 Per Month
$100.00 per month if attending 2020 Athletic Mentors Summer Hockey Training Camps 

To get started call Jennie, 269-743-2277 or email her @